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Market Meltdown! Dow PLUMMENTS 725 Points on Covid Fears

U.S. stocks took a nose dive Monday as investors contemplated what the speed of the Delta coronavirus variant might mean for the world economy....

Jeff Bezos Launches Into Space With Blue Origin

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos will launch into space on Tuesday aboard the New Shephard rocket. "I’m excited, I'm not really nervous. This vehicle is ready,...

Robinhood Aims To Raise $2 Billion In An IPO

The founders of the popular trading app want to raise $2 billion in an upcoming IPO, which would put the company's valuation at $35...

Trish: Dow PLUNGES 700 Points as Investors Flee Stocks, Move To Bonds – What Do You Do Now?

It was bound to happen sooner or later. The question is: whether today's 700 point sell off is part of something much larger. It depends on...

Trish: Stocks Drop, Treasuries Rally, Amid Fear Economy Is Headed For ‘Zombie Recovery’

U.S. stocks dropped in premarket trading Monday on concerns about the Delta variant's impact on the global economy. Treasury yields fell and the dollar strengthened...

The Money Supply Has Never Been Higher – Here’s Why That’s A Problem

The pandemic has cost billions to the economy, devastated thousands of small businesses and impacted the lives of billions of people. Yet, many in...

Trish’s Market Notes: Stocks Pointing Higher Amid Strong Retail Sales for June

U.S. futures posted gains on Friday as investors welcomed a stronger than expected retail sales report. Up 0.6 percent in June as the economy...

Trish: Fed And Markets Ignore Inflation (For Now!)

Investors struggled Thursday to interpret next moves from the Federal Reserve despite repeated assurances from Powell himself that the Fed won't raise interest rates...

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