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Kamala Under Fire: Illegal Border Crossings At All-Time High With Biden Team

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection released new data this past week showing that the federal law enforcement agency encountered 180,034 people attempting to...

A Texas Wall? Lone Star State Stands up to Biden on Immigration and it’s Glorious

The southern border has become an increasingly important issue as illegal immigration continues to surge ever since President Joe Biden took office, but now...

Democrats from Kamala Harris’ Home State Blast Her for Immigration Comments

Vice President Kamala Harris has been attacked for months by conservatives for not visiting the southern border, even as the immigration crisis grows worse. But...

Ilhan Omar: U.S. Committed Atrocities Equal to Hamas, Taliban and Israel

A member of United States Congress, Rep. Ilhan Omar blasted America for having committed "unthinkable atrocities" equal to those of terrorist group like Hamas,...

Was Covid-19 ‘Gain-of-Function Study in Wuhan Part of a Biological Weapons Program?

Sen. Marco Rubio, (R-FL) blasted Dr. Anthony Fauci for repeatedly demonstrating a history of "moving goal-posts when it comes to public health, withholding facts...

Kamala Harris’ Job Just Got Harder As Biden Ends ‘Remain in Mexico’ Policy, Blasts ‘Systemic Racism’

Vice President Kamala Harris has been tasked with handling immigration issues south of the southern U.S. border, but her job just got a lot...

Meat Prices Expected to Soar After World’s Largest Meat Producer Hit By Cyber Attack

Americans should expect to be pay more for a rib eye steak in the coming days. JBS, the world's largest meat producer, is temporarily shutting...

Iranian Warships May Be Heading Towards Venezuela

The U.S. national security community is on high alert as it monitors two Iranian naval vessels whose ultimate destination may be Venezuela, according to...

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