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Ocasio-Cortez to Biden: Abolish Dept. Of Homeland Security and ICE

"DHS shouldn’t exist, agencies should be reorganized, ICE gotta go, ban for-profit detention, create climate refugee status & more," ranted on twitter Rep. Alexandria...

Jen Psaki Refuses to Condemn Cuomo’s Actions that Led To Nursing Home Deaths

In an interview on the ABC News program "This Week" this Sunday, Biden press person Jen Psaki was asked by an ABC correspondent whether...

Biden Tells Tell World ‘No More America First’

President Joe Biden made his "international debut" at the G-7 summit Friday declaring an end to the "America First" agenda of his predecessor. Though the...

John Kerry: We have 9 years left from Climate Catastrophe

"We have nine years left... to avert climate catastrophe," said President Biden's climate envoy John Kerry on CBS News on Friday. Kerry was responding to...

Biden Describes Chinese Genocide on Uyghur Muslims as a ‘Cultural Norm’

U.S. President Joe Biden sounded more like a Chinese government spokesperson when he attempted to describe Xi Jinping’s genocide against the Uyghur Muslim population...

Hackers Try To Poison Florida Town’s Water Supply

Computer hackers broke into a Florida town's computer system for a facility that treats water for 15,000 people near Tampa, Florida. They tried to...

Candace Owens Considering A Run For US President

Candace Owens, the outspoken conservative leader of the "Blexit" movement, told supporters on her Twitter account over the weekend that she might run for...

Biden Undoing Trump-era Immigration Policies

President Joe Biden will sign three executive orders on illegal and legal immigration rolling back many of Donald Trump’s policies. First executive order will create...

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