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Biden Press Person’s 2017 Tweet on Syria Highlighted on Social Media

Biden press person Jen Psaki was called out Thursday evening on social media for a past tweet issued April 7, 2017. In the tweet,...

Biden Orders Strikes On Iranian-backed Militants in Syria

The U.S. launched airstrikes on a site used by Iranian-backed militants in eastern Syria on Thursday. The strikes are said to be in retaliation...

Futures Point Higher On Wall Street As Investors Cheer Another Vaccine & Prepare for Earnings

The futures markets point to a higher open on Wall Street this morning, after a long holiday weekend. Cheering investors on is the approval of...

Trish: UN “Human Rights” Council Is A Sham, Biden Is Making Big Mistake Rejoining

You can't make it up. The "guardians" of human rights in the world are China, Russia, Cuba, Venezuela...and, soon enough; The United States of America. You...

Biden to Increase Refugees in America to 125,000 a Year From Trump’s 15,000

Before reading this article, please download and subscribe to the free Trish Intel daily podcast below. Our First Amendment is under attack. It's up to...

Stock Market Today: Futures Tumble

So much for a strong finish to the week. Wall Street lower is bracing for a lower open on Friday. Indeed, S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100...

Breaking: Chinese Entrepreneur Jack Ma Surfaces

Jack Ma, the 56-year-old founder of the Chinese company Alibaba, was seen for the first time in three months on Wednesday. He spoke by...

Authorities Sound Bitcoin Alarm “You Could Lose It All”

It's the Wild West of investing -- and authorities are now sounding the alarm, warning investors of the challenges ahead for crypto currencies. The UK's...

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