China Created Covid-19 In Lab: Scientific Study

Just as President Biden orders U.S. spy agencies to carry out a 90 day investigation into the origins of this pandemic, an explosive new study claims to have proof that Chinese scientists created covid-19 in a lab and then tried to reverse-engineer versions of the virus to make it look like it evolved naturally from bats.

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The Daily Mail obtained an exclusive copy of the study set to be published in the “Quarterly Review of Biophysics Discovery” by British Professor Angus Dalgleish and Norwegian scientist Dr. Birger Sørensen. The scientists claim they have had evidence “of retro-engineering in China” since last year, but academics and major medical journals were not interested in hearing their information.

Trish Intel Founder Trish Regan highlighted the story on “The Trish Regan Show” arguing that finally “the truth is coming out. Trump,” she added, “is looking like he was right.”

In April of 2020, then President Trump told reporters he had seen evidence that caused him to believe the virus could have come from the Wuhan lab and that he thought the W.H.O. should be ashamed for not looking into it.

Recently, the Wall Street Journal reported that three scientists were sent from the Wuhan lab to the hospital in November 2019. This would suggest that the scientists may have been infected in the lab.

Regan elaborated explaining that the new study reports that researchers found ‘unique fingerprints’ in COVID-19 samples that scientists say could only have been developed through manipulation in a laboratory.

According to the study, “a natural virus pandemic would be expected to mutate gradually and become more infectious but less pathogenic which is what many expected with the COVID-19 pandemic but which does not appear to have happened.”

“The good news is,” Regan highlighted, “is that we may actually get to the bottom of it.  The bad news is: the media and the left were too politically motivated to care about hearing the truth a year ago.”

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