Chris Cuomo: Trump is a ‘Dead Man Walking’

“President Trump is a dead man walking,” said CNN anchor Chris Cuomo on Tuesday. Cuomo, who is also the brother of New York’s Governor, was attacking Trump for not conceding the election to Joe Biden.

“And now we’re hearing from Trump who is no president, he’s dissident at best, and a revenant in the main, a revenant, a dead man haunting the halls of a country in crisis,” continued Cuomo. “So we get what’s going on. The question is, what do we do about it? First thing is, you have to keep that energy up, too. You have to be outraged by this. Because if this dead man walking and his zombie pals in Congress are looking to make this transition into a complete horror show, the only thing that’s going to stop them is the outrage of what they know just bit them in the behinds at the polls — you coming out and being active like they did not expect.”

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