Christmas Traditions: Little Things Mean A Lot

–“Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jack Frost nipping at your nose…”

We may not have had chestnuts growing up, but we did have something I considered EVEN BETTER–apple cider! The smell of apple cider, to this day, reminds me of Christmas.

It’s traditions like that, from apple cider to our most cherished family Christmas tree ornaments, that go a long ways towards helping keep the spirit of Christmas alive, especially in a challenging year like this.

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The reality is, traditions matter.

It’s natural to want to feel rooted in something… to know from where we came and to have an appreciation for the values of our families.¬†Childhood is so short…so, doing whatever we can as parents to help crystallize these great memories for our children (and, for us) is such an important part of what we do. I know, I know–it’s a pain spending a whole Saturday decorating the outside (and inside!) of the house with Christmas lights, but, the impression it makes on my children keeps me motivated.

Little things really do mean a lot.

For me, I fill the house with Apple Cider…and Balsam Candles. I like to keep hot¬†apple cider on the stove in December for when they come inside from playing. And, I light my favorite balsam pine candles every afternoon (Illume makes the best–I’ve been lighting them every Christmas since my twin girls were born 11 years ago this December!) and, somehow, I manage to light every fireplace in the house. I crank up my favorite Christmas tunes (“Charlie Brown Christmas” plays on a bit of a loop in our house and sometimes diversify to Rene Fleming’s “Christmas in New York.”)

The smells, the sounds… it just feels like Christmas and the kids (and, of course, I) LOVE it.

What traditions to you have for Christmas? Are you planning on anything special this year? Please log in and share below… and, I look forward to telling you more about this special time of year!


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