Chuck Schumer: Biden Needs to Urgently Restore Judicial System’s Balance

“I’ve been working with the White House and urging them that we, you know, they put so many right wing beliefs, some of the people who [Trump] put on the bench where people, I hate to use all these bad words, but they’re just horrible,” Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said on MSNBC when asked when will Joe Biden move forward with his judicial nominations.

“They had no understanding of working in the other person’s shoes, they were narrow, right wing, often young people. So we have to restore the balance to the bench. And that’s of great urgency. And we will,” continued Schumer.

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“I am already discussing the process for nominations, that once we filled the cabinet and we will end the major appointments to the president and we’re almost done with that, we will move on and start appointing judges and redressing the imbalance that Trump put on the bench.”

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