Justice Clarence Thomas Issues Dire Warning

A new book featuring statements from Clarence Thomas is going viral online.


The book, Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words, by Michael Pack features an array of insights, warnings and more from the Supreme Court Justice.

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In the book, Thomas issues a major warning about the growing administrative state, the federal bureaucracy that continues to grow in size and power at the expense of Americans’ rights.

Thomas: The very people who say they don’t want the government in their lives want this sort of expansive administrative state, which is in their lives, and then every aspect of their lives. And a lot of it comes at the expense of the very structure of the Constitution that is intended to prevent the government from coming in. The separation of powers, the enumerated powers, federalism. The whole point was to keep the government in this box. Justice Scalia and I often talked about that, that the structure was the main way to protect your liberty. The danger in the administrative state is seeing those powers all coalesce again in various agencies. If you think about your life today, there’s very little major legislation that comes from the legislature. The legislation comes in the form of regulations from agencies. They tend to have all three powers. They have the executive power, the enforcement power, they have administrative judges to adjudicate, so they have all three. And the question for us is, where do they fit in the constitutional structure?

Thomas also took a shot at the Democrats who tried to corner him on the abortion issue during his confirmation.

Thomas: What I realized, and should have realized more fully, is that you really didn’t matter and your life didn’t matter. What mattered was what they wanted, and what they wanted was this particular issue. And regardless of what I had done with my life, where I had been, where I had lived, it was all cancelled out, unless I agreed two plus two equals five. You have to say it. And that makes it true. Because they want it to be true.

Thomas’ impact reupped on Twitter as well, especially since Thursday is the Justice’s birthday.

It also happened to come the same week that Thomas wrote a major Supreme Court opinion on gun control.

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