CNN Rushes to Write Trump’s ‘Political Obituary’: ‘Just in Case’

CNN and other mainstream media outfits seem to rush into putting together “political obituaries” for Trump.

On Sunday, CNN’s Brian Stelter said that major news outlets had refreshed their “Trump [Death] Obituary” when the President was taken to the hospital when it was discovered that he was infected with Covid-19… “just in case.”

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“Now a month later, newspapers are preparing “political obituaries for Trump,” said the CNN host, pointing out that “no one knows what will happen, but there is a possibility of a serious defeat on Tuesday.”

There is a problem though with all the CNN reporting: it is not factual.

CNN and other mainstream media have been banning real images from Trump’s campaign, where hundreds of thousands of Americans showed up to listen and support their commander-in-chief. Instead, they focused on their narrative “that Trump is losing to Biden because polls say so.”

Stelter, showed examples of polls, including one from Fox News showing that Joe Biden was leading Donald J. Trump by 8 points nationally, trying to convince the small audience of CNN, that Biden is the “projected winner.”

Apparently, CNN and Stelter have yet to learn from their own coverage of the 2016 election.

“Almost 7 in 10 voters nationwide say they think Hillary Clinton will win the presidency next month, but most say that if that happens, Donald Trump will not accept the results and concede, according to a new CNN/ORC poll,” CNN was reporting back in October 2016, just days before the historical election.

CNN and many others, including Fox News, failed to measure properly the public sentiment, and were all trumpeting Hillary as a defacto winner, while the reality was totally different.

Therefore if there is anything Americans learned from 2016 is not to trust polls and completely distrust the mainstream media, which have always shown a bias towards democrats.

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