DARK WINTER: Biden’s $1.9 Trillion Debt Bomb is Just the Beginning

The newly elected President Joe Biden is wasting no time. Today, the new president signed a series of executive orders designed to put his policies and priorities front and center. But, do any of them actually help US?

Consider the fact that this is NOT a centrist, Democratic administration. Instead, this is an administration that, given its actions today, shows it’s intent on a Bernie Sander’s style of America last.

From a mandatory requirement of masks on federal grounds, to the suspension of construction on Trump’s border wall, to a call to cancel the Keystone pipeline that runs from Canada to Texas, the push for massive stimulus spending and immigration reforms could send our country into a form of total economic dependence on Uncle Sam at a time when we are already in treacherous economic times…the Biden administration has made one thing clear: the WORLD matters more than America.

A $1.9 Trillion Debt Bomb Just The Beginning

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Money to Spend-thrift States

Though I’m an advocate for vaccines, WHY are we relying on our government to distribute them? $350 plus billion dollars is going to state to distribute vaccines…but, can we really trust states to get it right?

The short answer is NO.

Consider the mess that New York has already confronted. Elderly people being left outside for hours on end in hopes of receiving vaccines, only to hear the government has run out. Then there’s the fact that the New York government had to through out thousands of vaccines because they had been failed to be used before their expiration date? Yeah. For all that, the state of New York is awarded $50 billion. $50 in taxpayer funds.

I don’t know about you, but, I’d feel a little better if the government were actually capable of distributing the vaccines before we awarded it billions.

Biden pay Americans REAL Money to Stay HomeĀ 

Our debt load is at $27 trillion and still counting?

Uncle Sam doesn’t have it.

Interestingly (and even surprisingly) President Barack Obama’s administration only offered $25 a week in federal unemployment benefits. Yeah. Just $25.


Unemployment (way back then) was hardly something the government wanted to encourage — despite the mess that was the 2008 financial crisis.

So, $25 it was. Today? Try $400. Plus the $1400 checks already in the mail with another $1400 or $2000 on the way shortly.

Where on EARTH are they getting this?

Fair question. Try printing presses. Ultimately, these spendthift measures WILL come with a price which is why I’m urging everyone to be extraordinarily cautious with their investment portfolios. The dollar is expected to continue declining in value… After all, how could it not? The more we print…the more we DEPRESS the value of our almighty currency.

Rejoining the Paris Accord

I know it makes everyone feel good…but, in the here and now, WHAT EXACTLY does the Paris accord really do for the America economy?

President Biden is rejoining the Paris accord, yet there are many questions surrounding the action’s effect our nation’s economy. Meanwhile, there are real concerns that allowing China (and India) the opportunity to continue operating without the same concerns towards the environment, the Paris accord itself will have little effect.

Why not demand that China play by the same environmental rules as every other key economy in the world? It’s clear China is on a path to soon overtake the U.S. in economic size. As such, doesn’t the world have the right to demand just as much from China in terms of the environment as it would the U.S.?

And, did I even mention the report that blames China for the hole in the ozone layer directly about its eastern province?

In other words, China cannot — and should not — have its cake and eat it too.

Keystone XL Pipeline

The president is revoking a plan for the buildout of a pipeline from Canada (our ally) to Texas. All while China continues its pipeline to Siberia.

Meanwhile, Biden’s energy policies are targeting the makers of automobiles through more stringent requirements. Good news for Tesla (as I’ve predicted for the last year) but, is it good news for American consumers and industry?

I firmly believe that while policy can influence markets, it’s still consumer demand that drives markets. And that consumer demand must originate from a real marketplace and not a government induced one.

Rejoining the WHO

Seriously? The same WHO that covered for China?

Can we at least get them to defend US and stick up for what’s right in the world??

Fundamentally, it seems we have a problem.

NONE of these initiatives are actually good for the American people.

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