David Marcus: Even if Joe Biden Wins, Hunter’s Scandal is Serious and is Not Going Anywhere

“We’ve been treating this as an election story,” said David Marcus, a New York correspondent for “The Federalist” on Laura Ingraham’s show. “How is this going to impact the election or is Biden and will his Democratic allies be able to ignore and obfuscate everything that’s happening for 12 more days? Those are interesting questions.”

“Clearly now the important question is, are these e-mails real?” continued Marcus. “Because if they’re real, at best, Joe Biden was involved in some very sketchy stuff that he lied about. At worst, laws were broken. So they can try to pull grandpa Joe over the finish line at this point, but the problem is that every piece of evidence that has come out over the past seven days since this story dropped, including tonight, suggests that these e-mails are real and Joe Biden still refuses to refute that they are. So even if they manage to get Biden across and he wins, this scandal is not going anywhere. This scandal is very serious and he’s going to have to deal with it as President-Elect if he wins. The American people need to think seriously about that.”

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