Defund the Police ‘Squad’ Democrat Spent $70K on Security

“Defund the Police” has become a rallying cry for far-left anti-police Democrats around the country, but once again we have seen that those sentiments often come with a load of hypocrisy.

Rep. Cori Bush, D-Mo., spent about $70,000 on private security, according to filings first reported by Fox News.

The problem?

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Rep. Bush is an avid supporter of defunding police. (Story continues below.)

“Today’s decision to defund the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department is historic,” Bush said after the St. Louis Police budget was cut. “It marks a new future for our city. For decades, our city funneled more and more money into our police department under the guise of public safety, while massively underinvesting in the resources that will truly keep our communities safe.”


Did we mention she is also a member of “The Squad?”

Conservatives on Twitter blasted the Missouri Congresswoman for the hypocrisy.

“Cori Bush recently praised St. Louis’ “historic” vote to defund police, yet she’s spent $54,000 on her own private security,” said Co-founder of Talking Points USA Charlie Kirk. “Only those rich enough to hire their own private security are dumb enough to advocate for defunding the police.”

Police, though, have spoken out against these ideas saying they need more help, not less, to keep Americans safe, an assertion that has been supported repeatedly by research.

“More policing is necessary to confront violent crime in larger and emerging cities. Community-based policing has been proven to reduce the homicide rate in NYC in the 1990s,” said the National Police Support Fund. “Defunding the police would lead to more chaos and increased crime in areas that are already seeing increases. Would require more police officers to work overtime. In some departments, this leads to decreased officer morale and increased burnout. Decreased budget means lack of training and resources- including de-escalation, use of force, and cultural awareness training.”

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