Democrats Pass $760B Transportation and Water Bill: Full of Earmarks

Democrats passed on Thursday a $760 billion bill which will fund transportation and water projects as part of a broader infrastructure package.

The bill was approved 221-201 with Democrats and only two Republicans voting pro.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the bill was “transformative” and it will help “build the infrastructure of America, and rebuild the middle class.”

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The bill reauthorized:

  • $343 billion for roads, bridges and safety programs, including $4 billion for electric vehicle charging infrastructure;
  • $109 billion for transit;
  • $95 billion for passenger and freight rail, including a tripling of Amtrak funding to $32 billion;
  • $117 billion for drinking water infrastructure; and
  • $51 billion for wastewater infrastructure.

The above spending represents a 50% increase over current spending levels. The bill also includes nearly 1,500 earmarks totaling almost $5.7 billion.

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