Dems Outraged After DeSantis Signs Election Reform Bill in Florida

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed new legislation Thursday that would strengthen the state’s rules on voting in hopes to prevent voter fraud.

The bill comes after questions over the integrity of the most recent presidential election have pushed Republicans to shore up voting processes in their own states.

DeSantis’ office has touted the new law, saying it will be “strengthening voter identification, prohibiting the mass mailing of ballots, banning ballot harvesting and prohibiting private money from administering elections in our state.”

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The measure is likely to help ease Republicans concerns, especially in the heavily contested swing state of Florida.

“Right now I have what we think is the strongest election integrity measures in the country,” the governor said when signing the legislation. “We’re also banning ballot harvesting. We’re not going to let political operatives go and get satchels of votes and dump them in some drop box.”

The new law has sparked major controversy and pushback from the left.

“The legislation has a deliberate and disproportionate impact on elderly voters, voters with disabilities, students and communities of color,” said Patricia Brigham, president of the League of Women Voters of Florida. “It’s a despicable attempt by a one party ruled legislature to choose who can vote in our state and who cannot. It’s undemocratic, unconstitutional, and un-American.”

Despite the pushback, DeSantis is standing firm on his new voting law.

“Florida took action this legislative session to increase transparency and strengthen the security of our elections,” DeSantis said. “Floridians can rest assured that our state will remain a leader in ballot integrity. Elections should be free and fair, and these changes will ensure this continues to be the case in the Sunshine State.”

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