Desperate Dems Push “Russia, Russia, Russia” Narrative…Again

They’re going back to the well. Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Kamala Harris cites Russia as the reason President Donald Trump could beat the Democrat Party again, costing her and Joe Biden the White House. This, despite the fact that we already spent two years and more than $30 million dollars on the Mueller investigation into the Trump campaign’s possible collusion with Russia… but, apparently, Kamala missed the headline?

There was no collusion.

So why are the Dems attempting to resurrect this narrative? I discuss in today’s podcast. Please subscribe and download the new edition of “Trish Intel” here.

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Kamala Harris now tells CNN that, “theoretically, of course, yes” when asked if Russia interference could cost her the White House. Harris goes on to insist that voter suppression is the problem…and, that Americans essentially don’t trust the system thanks to President Trump and Russia.

However, it is the Dems are the ones insisting that Americans cannot vote in person due to coronavirus. Given that the sanctity of our votes is so critical…instead, of immediately diverting to a mail-in system…why not consider ways to ensure peoples’ safety at the polls?

We are the world’s largest economy and home to some of the most extraordinary companies in the world. We can be creative; let’s set up tents for outdoor voting, employ the use of opaque plexiglass at the ballot booths, spray the booths with industrial strength disinfectants and hire enough poll workers to ensure that lines are short.

We COULD figure this out. We need NOT insist on a mail-in system, especially when mail-in votes are reportedly so unreliable. Consider Nevada: its June primary demonstrated massive issues with mail-in voting. 223-thousand mail in ballots were deemed undeliverable in that election. Meanwhile, Federal election data shows that since 2012, about 28.4 million mail in ballots have gone missing in each of the last four election cycles.

Harris is pushing an argument that has been tried before….all while her party tries to abandon the traditional system of voting and replace it with mail-in voting…a system that is more prone to fraud. It seems the Dems are attempting to sow distrust in the election themselves and, as such, they’re doing Putin’s dirty work for him!

Oh…and we haven’t even gotten to the left’s new anti-vaccine mantra… which has nothing to do with science and everything to do with Donald Trump. Subscribe to the free podcast for more.

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