Diaper Inflation is Wreaking Havoc on American Families’ Budgets

The price of just about everything seems to be skyrocketing — but, diapers may be going up almost most of all.

According to Bloomberg, packages that ran about $25 last year, now can cost $40…and there are fewer diaper inside!

Meanwhile, baby-care items including rash salves and baby wipes have seen double digit price gains, while producers like Kimberly-Clark and P&G have already warned they will be forced to hike prices in the future.

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The cost of the raw materials, as well as the cost of labor, continues moving higher. As such, the companies say they need to increase prices. P&G told investors in its recent earnings report that it intended to raise prices by September while Kimberly-Clark began raising prices last month.

American families are paying the price.

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