Donald Trump is Here to Stay

Here’s the reality: EVEN if he LOSES the oval office — Donald Trump is here to stay…

I predict he’ll set up shop down the street at the Trump Hotel, conveniently located on Pennsylvania Avenue as he prepares for 2024. Yes. 2024.

Because you want to know who will be the best candidate 3 years from now when the economy is a mess because we’ve sold out to China again?

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Donald J. Trump.

Four years is nothing… and you can better believe he’ll stay relevant. He’s not someone to quietly fade into the background.

As such, I suspect Donald Trump will continue to dominate the news cycle… after all, does anyone really care what Joe Biden says or does? Will we ever even see him? (Given how much he called a lid from his basement in the campaign?)

So, watch out; Donald trump was a thorn in Barack Obama’s side… and he can most definitely be a thorn in the side of Joe Biden.

Granted, the media may not want to give him much in the way of attention…In fact, I’m certain the mainstream media outlets will try to shun him. Consider that he still is STILL the President and yet? They cut away from his press conference on Thursday.

So, yes, they’ll shun him but — IT WON’T MATTER.

That’s because this is a man that will go straight to the people. He doesn’t need the white house press pool to get out his message… he’s got himself.

Americans are sick of big media and big tech and big money… the President has accused the left of trying to steal this election – but twitter censored that. They won’t censor the Ayatollah, BUT, they’ll censor a political candidate for PRESIDENT saying the EXACT same thing Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden have said about him?!! Indeed, since election night, Twitter has “censored” 8 out of 10 trump tweets.

Nonetheless, his voice is powerful. Powerful enough to have swayed half the country despite the RIDICULOUS AMOUNTS of money spent–800 bundlers raised 100k each at the Biden campaign.

So what happens next? I predict this eventually winds up in the Supreme Court. If the President loses, he will run again. And, the voice of the American middle class WILL. BE. HEARD.

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