Dow Futures Plunge 600 Points As Investors Prepare For Volatile Week

Investors are getting increasingly nervous as the world digests Vladimir Putin’s nuclear threats. Sunday evening, Dow futures traded down more than 600 points, while Nasdaq futures lost 110 points, and the Nasdaq futures traded down 380.

Markets are expected to remain highly volatile amid the increasing conflict between the West and Putin. Over the weekend, NATO nations came to the aid of Ukraine Рsending weapons, fuel and other supplies.

The Ripple Effect of Sanctions

The reprecussions of sanctions, combined with the threat of a growing conflict, will continue sending energy prices higher. Russia is a massive supplier of energy to Europe. Forty percent of Europe’s natural gas supply comes directly from Russia. Given that those markets will be shut off, traders are anticipating far higher energy prices in the coming days. On Sunday evening, oil jumped 5% to $96.12 a barrel.

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Meanwhile, global corporations with operations in Russia are also expected to take a hit. BP announced Sunday that it would divest its stake in Russian oil giant Rosneft.

Getting Through This…Together

Keep in mind, this is the first time in a generation that we’ve had to deal with the threat of nuclear war.

But, we’ll get through this…the markets will get through this…and ultimately, we’ll emerge a stronger, safter world with better cooperation among our allies. In the interim, howeer, it’s going to be a difficult time with many lives lost.

We’re in a brave new world and we must stand together — for freedom. For Ukraine. And, for the world.

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