Elizabeth Warren Announces She Will Run for Reelection

One of America’s most progressive, liberal Senators has now announced she will seek reelection.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., gave multiple interviews over the weekend where she declared her intention to stay in the Senate and support President Joe Biden.

She first told Politico of her decision to run again in 2024, despite being 71 years old.

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“Joe Biden is running for reelection,” Sen. Warren said. “I plan on helping him, and I plan on staying in the Senate.”

Candidates have been known to renege on pledges not to run for president, but whether Warren will do so remains to be seen.

Warren became a Senator in 2013 after flipping a previously Republican-held seat. She has now become one of the most aggressively liberal Senators in the country.

Warren’s interviews are part of a push to promote her new book, “Persist.”

“For me, books are a way to have a conversation about the issues that matter most,” Sen. Warren said. “I wrote ‘Persist’ about how policy decisions touch people’s lives—and how people can shape those decisions by being in the fight. I hope you’ll consider giving it a read…”

Her book is a memoir focusing on her experiences as a teacher and then politican, and especially as a female lawaker.

“I tell [the story] in part for every woman who has already been there or who may run into this just around the corner,” she told NPR. “It’s the stories that we now make public that is also a part of making change. It’s the stories that help us learn to persist.”

“I wrote this book sitting in a big old wicker rocking chair, thinking about our country but thinking about the people who are touched so personally by these larger events, by the political decisions that we make in Washington, and how we are touched but we don’t have to be passive,” she added. “We have the power to shape it.”

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