As Skyrocketing Energy Prices Crush Americans–Lawmakers Say Biden Policies To Blame

Energy costs have skyrocketed since President Joe Biden took office, and Republicans are pointing out the source of the problem.

Subcommittee on the Environment Ranking Member Ralph Norman raised this issue at a committee hearing Tuesday, pointing the finger at runaway federal spending and regulations on the energy industry.

“At a time when we should be using the abundant natural resources that we have to advance American interests, the Biden Administration wants to bankrupt the very same companies who are working to provide energy security to all Americans,” Rep. Norman said. “This Administration’s out-of-control spending is causing inflation to skyrocket. Gas is one dollar more expensive than what it was this time last year. As a result, Americans are now paying more for goods and services while taking home less money in their paychecks.”

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The Department of Labor data showed prices have increased by about 7% in the last 12 months, with energy prices spiking roughly 30%.

“Meanwhile, China and other countries around the world continue to pollute at record levels while the United States continues to reduce emissions,” Norman added. “Do Democrats really believe that putting the oil and gas industry out of business will suddenly make China less of a polluter? I’m afraid extreme proposals by Democrats will do nothing but destroy good paying American jobs and ruin our economy. In fact, it has already happened.”

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