Eric Trump: Joe Biden Knows He Got a Real Problem With Hunter’s Dealings

“[Hunter Biden’s] getting money from Russia, he’s getting money from Ukraine, getting money from China, now Kazakhstan and Romania and other places,” said Eric Trump, the executive vice president of Trump Organization on Wednesday on Fox News.

“He knows he can answer these questions, [FBI] has his laptop, they have the receipt with hunters a phone number on it, his signature on it,” continued Trump. “You had people on these emails corroborating the emails. They are testing to the fact that this was sent by Hunter. How’s he going to answer for all of this? America wants to know what is happening. That’s why he’s hiding out. First, he doesn’t have the stamina. Second, he doesn’t have the work ethic. Third, [Joe Biden] knows he’s got a real problem with his son. Quite frankly, his own fraud and his own bad judgment.”

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