Even Democrats Are Starting to Turn Against Joe Biden

As President Joe Biden continues to take heat for proposing higher taxes, his poor handling of the southern border, and a host of other issues, it seems his poll numbers are taking a hit.

In fact, even Democrats are starting to abandon him.

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A new survey from Reuters Wednesday found that since April, Democrats’ approval of Joe Biden has dropped on a host of issues, from gun violence, the economy, taxation, jobs, immigration and more.


“He’s in a delicate position with respect to the economy,” Donald Green, a political scientist at Columbia University, told Reuters. “His coalition ranges from people in high tech sectors to suburban swing voters to more traditional Democrats. They all want different things from the economy.”

The poll also found 55% of Americans approve of Biden’s job performance. However, they disagree with him on taxes, gun policy, and other issues.

Maybe the approval numbers haven’t dipped more because he hasn’t actually done anything in the areas where Americas disagree.

These poll numbers come after a separate Harvard/Harris poll showing that voters are losing faith in Biden on immigration as well.

“The poll found the majority of Americans preferred Trump’s immigration policies to Biden and believe illegal immigration has increased as direct result of Biden’s policies,” wrote Andrew Arthur of the Center for Immigration Studies. “There is plainly urgency on the part of the American electorate for new initiatives to address illegal migration. Just over one in four respondents (26 percent) thought that the current immigration system is sufficient to deal with the migrant surge at the border, while 74 percent deemed it a “crisis” that needs to be dealt with immediately.The president’s border policies are plainly unpopular with a large swath of the electorate, but the administration just seems to be doubling down on them. If people knew how bad Biden’s immigration policies really were — both at the border and in dealing with criminals in the interior — they likely would have been a whole lot worse.


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