Even Socialist Denmark Wants To “Off-Shore” The Processing of Refugees

Earth to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez–even socialists seem to be against open borders these days.

The proud socialist nation of Denmark passed a law on Thursday that would require the relocation of asylum seekers to third countries, outside of Denmark.

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Human rights groups argue the law is “irresponsible” since there’s no plan established for where asylum seekers would actually be processed. Denmark would need to establish an agreement with a third country.

Nonetheless, the “Danish Alien Act” (as it is known in English) was passed 70 to 20 by the Danish Parliament.

Government spokesperson Rasmus Stoklund defended the Danish government to CNN, explaining, CNN writes:

…that the goal “is to stop people ‘applying for asylum in Denmark’ and free up resources, otherwise used on asylum claims, which can be used in refugee camps close to war zones where the government maintains refugees are in greatest need.”

Stoklund also told CNN that more than a half of asylum seekers were rejected by Denmark last year and that, if asylum seekers could be processed outside the nation, then the country may be able to reduce the number of people applying. This, he suggests, could potentially reduce crime rates and cut down on integration issues.

Many in Europe, however, are increasingly concerned about the move. Some fear it may create a climate where other nations will also enact strict measures to prevent asylum seekers from coming to their countries.

In recent years, Europe has struggled with the integration of many refugees relocating from Syria. The challenged of integration has inflamed tensions and created some unexpected challenges.

In the United States, there has been an ongoing political struggle at the U.S.-Mexico border. President Biden has made it clear that no asylum seeker will be turned away as they await their status.

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