Expert: Here Is Why Hispanics Are Abandoning The Democratic Party

First Lady Jill Biden’s recent gaffe about Hispanics and a new resurgence in Hispanic enthusiasm for Republicans has sparked controversy and a fresh look at how this shift may impact 2022 and beyond.


Mike Gonzalez, an expert at the Heritage Foundation just published an op-ed in the New York Post explaining that social issues are pushing Hispanics to the right.

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If you want to know the catalyst for the Great Migration of voters with ancestries in Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Cuba, etc. to conservative radio and the Republican party, look no further than this week’s surreal exchange between Sen. Josh Hawley and a Berkeley law professor insisting that men can and do get pregnant. Yes, that happened, in a Senate hearing.

Gonzalez is referring to a viral exchange where the professor got into a heated exchange over whether men can get pregnant.

“You say that to an abuela, and the most likely response will be ‘que?’ followed by a quick ‘adios!'” Gonzalez added. “That type of deep societal confusion gets you quickly to inflection points.”

Others have been making this argument, pushing for a Hispanic move to the right.

The First Lady’s taco comments have drawn more attention to the issue, and a recent New York Times/Siena College poll found Biden’s support among Hispanics has plummeted since he was elected.

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