First-graders in NYC Private School Taught About Masturbation

Parents at Dalton School, an elite private school in New York City are furious that a health and wellness teacher showed sex education videos that appear to include information about masturbation to first-graders. The video was from free sex education series for children called AMAZE, in which a cartoon boy asks about erections, reported Daily Mail.

“AMAZE takes the awkward out of sex ed! We provide honest, factual sex ed videos + resources for parents, educators and kids,” reads the clip description posted on Youtube.

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The video also teaches the first graders about the differences between a penis and a clitoris. In the video, a cartoon little boy asks: “Hey, how come sometimes my penis gets big sometimes and points in the air?”

Dalton School parents who wanted to remain anonymous told the New York Post the video was ‘quietly removed from the curriculum.’

‘I’m paying $50,000 to these a**holes to tell my kid not to let her grandfather hug her when he sees her?’ an anonymous parent said another parent told her.

Another mother said: ‘Kids have no less than five classes on gender identity – this is pure indoctrination. This person should absolutely not be teaching children.’

‘Ironically, she teaches kids about ‘consent’ yet she has never gotten consent from parents about the sexually explicit, and age inappropriate material about transgender to first graders,’ that mom said.

She then slammed the school administrators who she said ‘gaslit’ parents into thinking they were ‘confused’ about the lessons, the New York Post reported.

‘We are in fact just seeing very clearly for the first time what a ‘progressive’ education really means at Dalton,’ the mother said.

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