Florida’s Governor Cracks Down on Riots With New Law

Just as the country is bracing for potential riots tied to the jury deliberations in the Derek Chauvin trial in Minnesota, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed a new, “anti-riot” bill into law.

The controversial law, known as the “Confronting Public Disorder Act,” creates tougher penalties for assault, burglary, battery and theft, as well as battery against law enforcement during a riot. The new law also prohibits the defacement of any historic monuments or historic property.

In a news conference Monday, the Republican governor proclaimed the new laws to be “the strongest anti-rioting, pro law enforcement piece of legislation in the country.”

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He added that, “we’re also putting an end to the bullying and intimidation tactics of the radical left by criminalizing doxing and requiring restitution for damaging memorials and monuments by rioters.”

Democrats worry that peaceful protestors could be unfairly and wrongly detained under the new laws.

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