Fmr. ICE Director: ‘Children Cages’ were approved and constructed under Obama and Biden Administration

Tom Homan, the former Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), during an interview with “Fox and Friends,” reminded the public that what Joe Biden’s calls “Children Cages”, were in fact an embarrassing Obama administration get-tough policy in 2014 that also dehumanized migrants as part of a mass detention policy.

“They’ve got to admit they were approved, funded, constructed and utilized under Obama administration,” said Homan.

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“Under the Obama and Biden administration, I was called to the White House twice and had a meeting with their staff,” continued Homan. “They instructed me to do a nationwide operation, to go arrest children that entered into the country illegally, arrest, and deport them from the country away from their family.”

“That is far more inhumane than anything the Trump administration has been accused of doing. You want to talk about family separation? Now, what happened at the border, they will be separated because a parent was prosecuted. That happens to American families across this country every day. If I get arrested tonight for a DUI with a child in the car, I am getting separated. That is a necessary thing to happen when a parent gets prosecuted at the border.”

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