Forbes Estimate: Trump Lost $2 Billion Serving as President

According to a new wealth estimate report from Forbes, the 45th President of the United States may have lost as much $2 billion dollars in personal wealth during his time in office.

Forbes reports that the former President’s net worth now stands at roughly $2.5 billion, down from the $4.5 billion he was said to have accumulated before announcing his candidacy in 2015.

The Covid-19 pandemic is hitting the travel, leisure and hospitality industry hard — and these are all industries in which the Trump Organization operates.

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Trump chose to step down from his company while serving the nation as President.

In late October 2019, Trump said being president had cost him at least $2 billion. He said this was money he said he would have made if he had continued running his business instead of getting into politics.

But, he told reporters, “If I had to do it again I would do it an instant, because who care, if you can afford it, what difference does it make?”

At the time, the media disputed his statement, saying that his net worth was unchanged from the previous year.

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