‘They’re Going to Borrow Money Forever!’ Former Trump Aide Bashes Biden’s Budget Plans

As President Joe Biden continues to propose trillions of dollars in federal spending, one former Trump administration official is speaking out.

Former acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney blasted Biden’s proposed 2022 budget in an interview this week, raising the alarm over the current administrations dangerous plans to continue raising the debt and taxes on Americans.

“Certainly, the numbers are instructive,” Mulvaney told Fox Business. “If you’re going to spend a bunch more money in one area and less in another, it sort of speaks to the priorities.  So what are those priorities right now? The first one that jumps out is that they are going to borrow money forever. The budget never balances. Typical budgets, as does this one, project out 10 years. They never project it ever balancing. So they’re going to borrow money forever.”

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Before his time in the White House, Mulvaney led the Office of Management and Budget, so his experience on the topic is worth listening to. (Story continues below video.)

“And they’re going to tax the rich,” Mulvaney said. “That’s what it comes down to, even if it has a negative long-term economic impact on the country. And if you look into their projections, it does. So they’re admitting it’s not really a good economic policy, but it’s a political policy to tax the rich more.”

Mulvaney hasn’t been the only vocal critic of Biden’s plan, which would add trillions of dollars to the national debt, which many experts say is already unmanageable.

“Today’s hearing on Biden’s Budget is a good reminder that his proposal would add $17 TRILLION in new debt over 10 years,” the House GOP wrote on Twitter.

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