Gallup: Black-White Race Relations At Lowest Point In At Least 20 Years

Since the start of the BLM protests and riots, a Gallup measurement on race relations dropped 9 points. Currently, only 42% of Americans believe race relations are good.

According to a poll released by Gallup, 42% of Americans believe race relations are “very” or “somewhat good. 57% believe race relations are “very” or “somewhat” bad.

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Gallup points out that the results are not statistically different from those in 2020. However, the sentiment on race relations has dropped 9 points since 2019. (Story continues below.)

The drop coincides with the rise of the BLM protests and the accompanying riots after the death of George Floyd.

The measurement is currently at its lowest point since Gallup began tracking the issue in 2001.

Just 33% Of Blacks Rate Race Relations Positively

Blacks are more likely to say that race relations are bad. Currently, there is a 10 point gap between how white and black Americans view race relations.

33% of black Americans rate black-white race relations positively, compared to 43% of white Americans.

There’s also a significant gap between the outlook on race relations. When asked whether they think relations between Black and White people will always be a problem, 60% of black said yes. Only 40% said that a solution will be worked out.

In contrast, 60% of white Americans believe that the racial tension will be solved in the future.

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