Georgia Lt. Gov.: Republicans Must Stop Relitigating 2020 Election, and Move to GOP 2.0

“I speak directly to Republicans. The quicker we can stop talking about or relitigating that election and move on and turn the page to a GOP 2.0, that that’s the best step forward for us,” said Georgia Lieutenant Governor Geoff Duncan on MSNBC on Monday.

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Duncan is among very few in Georgia’s GOP who are calling for Republicans to move on from Donald Trump.

“GOP 2.0 isn’t a new party,” clarified Duncan. “It’s just a better direction forward. It’s one that double down doubles down on the things that we do well as Republicans. And, you know, I think the most interesting data point to here in Georgia to prove that there was no fraud or some sort of global conspiracy, is that 53.7% of Georgians voted for a Republican state senator. All the while President Trump lost here in Georgia. That just proves that folks were paying attention and they just didn’t like the candidate on the ballot.”

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