Gov Ron DeSantis Has a Message for Cops: Come to Florida!

Police officers in this country have had an incredibly difficult last few years.

As violent crimes rise, cops have been blamed for just about everything under the Sun, even as localities around the country have cut their funding.

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While many politicians have attacked or rejected police officers, one governor is welcoming them with open arms.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis made a public invitation to police officers around the country, essentially saying if they are not welcome elsewhere, they can find a home in Florida.

“If you have a chance to do law enforcement in Florida versus some of these other jurisdictions you’re much better off in Florida because we’ll actually stand by law enforcement,” DeSantis said.

DeSantis also pointed to how violent crime has spiked in cities around the country.

“Make no mistake: the reason that you have such huge spikes in crime in many parts of the country is because of not standing up for law enforcement, having weak policies where you’re letting people out, and you’re not prosecuting people who are committing habitual offenses,” DeSantis said. “That is clearly causing disastrous consequences.”

The Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund has made similar comments, arguing that “defund the police” rhetoric” has contributed to the rise in violence.

You can read that study here.

They go on to say we should defend cops, not defund them.




“Defending our police is the duty of all citizens to defend those who sacrifice to defend our communities,” LELDF said. “The precious but precarious public safety gains made by law enforcement in the past few decades has made toward promoting public safety are being eroded by rogue prosecutors, hostile activists, and misguided political leaders. Pushes to “defund the police,” weaken criminal consequences, and hamstring our police make it all the more urgent that law enforcement and its citizen-supporters have a voice to promote sensible pro-safety policies across the country through rigorous research, bold advocacy, and rapid response communications through media and public education.”

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