H.R. McMaster Thinks CNN Attracts ‘Partisan Audience,’ Is Part Of Problem

“What we need to do is we need to analyze what the heck happened, right?” former National Security Adviser Gen. H.R. McMaster said on Sunday’s “State of the Union.” “We’ve been talking about the president’s responsibility, but it didn’t start there, right? This loss of confidence, these large portions of our population which feel disenfranchised, that lack confidence in our common identity as Americans, who lack confidence in our democratic principles and institutions and processes. How did that happen?”

“We have to look at your profession, Jake, the media,” McMaster told CNN host Jake Tapper. “Why is it that people who lean in one direction politically watch one cable news station, some who lean in another direction watch yours or another one? Why do people go to the pseudo-media and believe these kinds of conspiracy theories? What is the role that social media plays in further polarizing our society and pinning us against each other. We have a lot to work to do, Jake.”

“But I will say there are channels in which lies are told and there are channels in which facts are told and people who want the lies, they don’t come here,” responded Tapper. “They go to a different channel. But I don’t want to talk about”

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