Harris FINALLY Visits The Border…Wait, Did She?

After weeks of pressure from Republicans, Vice President Kamala Harris finally announced she would visit the southern border Friday.

But now Republicans are blasting Harris for the tone-deaf locations she visited.

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“Vice President Kamala Harris isn’t even going to the border,” House Republicans said on Twitter. “She’s flying into El Paso and going to a Border Patrol facility that’s miles from the physical border before flying to Los Angeles for the evening.”

Harris visited a facility near the border and other El Paso immigration-related locations.

Her visit comes after a major spike in illegal immigration this year. The Biden administration is also considering lifting a Trump-era policy that allowed border agents to turn illegal immigrants away to prevent COVID from spreading.

“We are here today to address and to talk about what has brought people to the US border and again to continue to address the root causes that cause people to leave and often flee their home country,” Harris said.

Her visit comes after meeting with the Guatemalan president and telling residents of that nation, “do not come” to the U.S.

“Being in Guatemala, being in Mexico, and talking with Mexico as a partner, frankly on the issue, was about addressing the causes. And then coming to the border at the advice and actually the invitation of the congresswoman, is about looking at the effects of what we have seen happening in Central America, and so I’m glad to be here. This was always the plan to come here,” Harris told CNN.

After arriving, Harris continued to take criticism for her trip.

“In Vice President Kamala Harris’ prepared remarks, she NEVER mentioned the need to secure our southern border,” House Republicans said on Twitter. “Border security is national security. President Biden’s policies are the root cause of our border crisis.”

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