Hawley Blasts Biden: ‘Used The Justice Department as a Political Police Force’ to Investigate Concerned Parents

The FBI is under major scrutiny after a whistleblower revealed that the federal law enforcement agency has been tracking parents at school board meetings.

The administration has said some parents have allegedly harassed and threatened school board members. Critics, including one conservative U.S. Senator, argue the administration trying to silent parents, who have been speaking out about COVID mandates, transgender policies, and curriculum containing explicit and critical race theory content.

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“The FBI investigated parents as if they were domestic terrorists,” Hawley said. “This new information was revealed by an anonymous whistleblower, and confirms a dark speculation— the Biden Administration used the justice department as a political police force.”

Hawley also reprimanded the media for failing to hold the Department of Justice accountable.

“This dangerous dystopian revelation should send shocks of outrage across the political spectrum, but the spineless mainstream media is predictably quiet,” Hawley said. “Merrick Garland testified under oath that the FBI was not treating parents at school board meetings like domestic terrorists, but these new revelations say the FBI was doing the opposite. These leaks contradict Garland’s sworn testimony, and he MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE!”




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