Here Are 12 Data Points Making Democrats Nervous For Tuesday

Election day is upon us, and the latest polling shows Democrats may be in trouble.

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Economic woes like inflation, gas prices and more have put the pressure on Americans, eroded Biden’s support, and become election woes for Democrats

Convention of States Action, along with the Trafalgar group, has released several polls in recent weeks showing a troubling trend for Democrats.

Ahead of election day, they released several data points from those polls that have to have some Democrats nervous.

From the groups:

  • Two-Thirds of Americans Say Democrats Have Not Made a Case to Earn Votes in Midterms
  • Over 80 Percent of Voters Say Republicans Will Win Control of One or Both Chambers in Congress
  • 60 Percent of Independents Believe Their Friends and Family are Voting Republican in Midterms
  • 54.4 Percent of Voters Say Rising Gas Prices Will Make Them More Likely to Vote for Republicans in Midterm Elections
  • Nearly 70 Percent Say Skyrocketing Food Prices Motivating Them to Vote In Midterms
  • Over 70 Percent of Americans Say They Won’t Vote for Candidate Who Supports Transgender Procedures for Youth
  • 77 Percent of Voters Say They’re Not Voting for Candidates Who Support Democrat Policies Preventing Police from Effectively Dealing with Violent Crime
  • 56 Percent Less Likely to Vote for Candidate Who Supports President Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Plan
  • Two-Thirds of Independents Believe Their Friends and Neighbors are Afraid to Say Who They Will Vote for in Midterms
  • Less Than One-Third of Voters Feel as Safe in America Today as They Did Two Years Ago
  • 59 Percent of Voters Say President Who Promised to Unite the Country has Instead Divided It
  • 62 Percent of IND and 89% of GOP Voters Called Biden Primetime Speech ‘Dangerous Escalation in Rhetoric,’ Believe it is Designed to Incite Conflict

These and other polling indicators have led Trish Regan to predict on her podcast we could be on the verge of a red wave this week… CHECK OUT TRISH REGAN’S PODCAST HERE. 

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