Here Are The States Ditching Mask Mandates Despite Biden Team’s Pleas

States are saying “enough.”

On Thursday, Maryland became the latest state to no longer require masks indoors and reopen businesses 100 percent. It joins Texas, Mississippi, Connecticut, Arizona, West Virginia, and Wyoming all of whom, in recent days, announced plans to either ditch their mask requirement laws and/or reopen businesses to full capacity.

Meanwhile, other states including Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Alaska, Tennessee, Missouri, Montana and South Carolina had all previously either decided against a state law on masks or dropped the mandate.

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This is despite the Biden administration’s warnings that Covid-19 is still a threat and variants could cause a resurgence. Earlier in the week, the CDC issued new guidance insisting that even people who have been vaccinated against Covid-19 should still continue to wear face coverings in public and when meeting with people who might be vulnerable to the virus. According to the CDC, “Many more people need to be vaccinated before everyone can stop taking precautions.”

States like Florida that managed to stay open through most of the pandemic have seen far less of an economic hit than states like California, where the most recent unemployment data came in two percentage points higher than the Sunshine State. Governor Gavin Newsom recently eased some restrictions announcing that he would allow Disneyland to partially reopen in April.

Some states, like Pennsylvania, took the mandate seriously enough that lawmakers required residents to even where masks in their own homes. Meanwhile, President Biden said on the campaign trail that he would consider a national mask mandate.

Currently, there is evidence that the rates of Covid-19 infection are massively declining.

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