Hillary Clinton: China And Russia Can Manipulate Crypto Currencies

Hillary Clinton is targeting crypto currencies. Again.

The former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spoke out about the risks she sees with cryptos. These risks, she thinks, include states like China and Russia trying to manipulate currencies to their own advantage.

While speaking with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, she mentioned the need to regulate crypto markets.

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The issue is “on the horizon,” she said. People are just starting to talk about crypto regulations, according to Clinton.

Clinton is concerned about how groups can use crypto and other technologies to gain resources and influence.

“Imagine the combination of social media, the algorithms that drive social media, the amassing of even larger sums of money through control of certain cryptocurrency chains,” Clinton said.

Added that states like China and Russia could use crypto to their advantage.

“We are looking at not only states, like China, or Russia or others, manipulating technology of all kinds to their advantage. We are looking at non-state actors, either in concert with states or on their own,” Clinton said.

China has banned all crypto mining and trading. In 2021, the government began cracking down on all miners on the mainland. China has driven out crypto exchanges back in 2017.

Russia, on the other hand, has a softer stance on crypto. In January 2021, the government declared that cryptos are “allowed, but no be used in the exchange of goods and services.”

Hillary Clinton is a two-time presidential candidate and a true D.C. insider. Many saw her as a sure winner in the 2016 presidential election against Donald Trump. However, scandals, including the mishandling of classified emails, cost her the election.

Clinton made her remarks days after her saying that Bitcoin can “destabilize nations”. She also said that crypto can threaten the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency.

WATCH: Hillary Clinton Says Crypto Could ‘Destabilize Nations’ And Threaten Dollar As Global Reserve Currency

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