‘HORRIFIC’: Larry Elder And Trish Regan Dig In On Public Schools In Democrat Cities

The pandemic-era school shutdowns have set students back decades, but Trish Regan and Former California gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder broke down how this education collapse has already been happening in Democrat-led cities around the country.


Elder and Regan pointed in particular to Baltimore, a city that has seen its population drop and murders pile up under Democratic governance.

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“I’m not making this up Trish,” Elder said on the podcast, before adding that “13 public high schools in Baltimore, in the inner city, zero percent of the kids are math proficient and another half a dozen [schools] where only one percent are math proficient. That’s almost half of the public high schools in Baltimore where zero percent of the kids are math proficient or only one percent are. This is absolutely horrific, and we are spending more and more money. It’s not the money. We are spending more money than ever before.”

Even worse, a recent explosive report released over the summer found that 12,000 failing students’ grades were changed to passing over five years. Baltimore Inspector General for Education Rick Henry launched the investigation, and reports suggest teachers were pressured to pass students to make the school appear more successful.

“We are outspending everybody else, and our results are near the bottom,” Elder said. “And those who are suffering the most, as you pointed out, from the COVID lockdown, are the very black and brown people, the people the Left claim to care about.”

Trish Regan echoed that sentiment, which has been confirmed by a recently released report from the National Center for Education Statistics. That report found that pandemic shutdowns hurt minorities most, including in math, where shutdowns “resulted in a widening of the White−Black score gap from 25 points in 2020 to 33 points in 2022.”

“They are the people hurt far worse than anyone else, and the policies really destroyed so many of those communities frankly for generations to come because we don’t know what’s going to happen to these kids who fell so far behind,” Trish Regan said.

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