Idaho Defunds Planned Parenthood, Liberals Freak Out

Liberal Democrats are outraged this week after Idaho’s Republican governor gave pro-life supporters a major victory.

Idaho Governor Brad Little signed into law the “No Public Funds for Abortion Act,” this week, and the left is in an uproar.

“Tell Governor Little to stop the defund Planned Parenthood bill!” Planned Parenthood Alliance Advocates wrote in a fundraising plea ahead of the new law. “Instead of focusing on helping Idaho recover from COVID-19, the legislature decided to prioritize political games and take away health care options. Now, it’s up to us to convince the governor to veto their shenanigans.”

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But their efforts fell short, and the governor signed the law, which will ban abortion providers from receiving federal funds and keep the pro-abortion groups from teaching sexual education at public schools.

“Defunding Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers was one of our top priorities when legislative session began earlier this year,” said Blaine Conzatti, executive director for the Family Policy Alliance of Idaho. “Idahoans don’t want their state or local governments sending their hard-earned money to abortion providers—and they certainly don’t want abortionists providing services and promoting abortion in our public schools and universities. Abortion should never be subsidized with our tax dollars, and Idaho public school students should never learn about sexuality from the abortion industry.”

The law also prevents public colleges from giving abortifacient drugs to students.

“The ‘No Public Funds For Abortion Act’ protects students, vulnerable women, and hard-working taxpayers from the ‘Big Abortion’ lobby,” Conzatti said. “We are excited that Gov. Brad Little signed this important pro-life reform that protects taxpayer assets from abortion providers who have benefitted from government largesse for too long.”

Critics reacted sharply to the new law.

“Another day, another Republican trying to take away our reproductive rights,” the Democratic group Emily’s List wrote on Twitter. “We NEED more Democratic pro-choice women in office.”

The law does not ban abortions, only state funding to abortion providers.

“States are where the GOP tests its most brutal assaults on women’s reproductive rights — as we’ve seen this week in Ohio, Mississippi, and Idaho. Take their seats — stop them in the states,” wrote another Democratic group.

The governor gave another win to evangelicals last week, setting May 6 as an official day of prayer for the state of Idaho.

“I am blessed to be able to proclaim today National Day of Prayer in Idaho,” Little said. “As you express your gratitudes, please keep the community of Rigby in your thoughts. God bless you and all Idahoans across the state.”

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