Infrastructure Bill: Billions for Border Crossings and Nothing for Border Wall

The massive, 2,700-page draft infrastructure bill published exclusively by Breitbart News on Sunday shows that the bipartisan bill contains billions of dollars to upgrade border crossings — but no money at all for the southern border wall.

From the bill:

The proposed deal allocates $3.4 billion for “for construction and acquisition, and repairs and alterations of border stations and land ports of entry,” including $2.5 billion for “projects on the U.S. Customs and Border Protection five-year plan.” (The five-year plan released in December 2020 included the wall, but President Biden halted it in January.)

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In addition, the infrastructure deal allocates hundreds of millions of dollars to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, under the Department of Homeland Security, but none of it for a border wall. $330 million is budgeted for “furniture, fixtures, and equipment for the land ports of entry modernized with funding provided” elsewhere in the bill, as above; and $100 million is provided for “for land port of entry construction, modernization, and sustainment.”

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