IRS Warns Your Tax Refund Could Be Delayed

The head of the IRS is warning that tax refunds could be seriously delayed this year for millions of Americans.

IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig wrote an op-ed for Yahoo News this week warning of major challenges and backlogs.

“Today, millions of people are still waiting for prior years’ returns to be processed, and refund checks to arrive in the mail, while preparing for their upcoming tax filing,” he wrote. While we can’t immediately solve these significant issues, our employees are doing everything they can, and I am committed to returning to normal inventory levels before next year.”

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The latest studies have found that millions of returns from last year’s tax season have still not been processed. This is largely because of COVID delays and President Joe Biden’s monthly child tax credit, a bureaucratic process laid on the IRS last year.

Though Democrats are pushing for more money for the IRS, critics say that is not the answer.

“Millions of families can’t get calls answered by the IRS and some of them have even received collection notices despite being tax compliant because their returns are still buried in the backlog,” said Rep. Tom Rice, R-S.C. “The IRS has over $1 billion in unobligated funds that it received last year from the American Rescue Plan. In January I sent a letter along with Representatives Brady, Granger, and Womack to the IRS Commissioner asking why the agency hasn’t spent these funds to resolve or mitigate the backlog. We have not received a satisfactory answer and just last week we sent a follow-up letter.”

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