Jeff Bezos Launches Into Space With Blue Origin

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos will launch into space on Tuesday aboard the New Shephard rocket.

“I’m excited, I’m not really nervous. This vehicle is ready, this crew is ready, we are feeling really good about it,” Bezos told CBS on Monday.

The flight will be conducted by Amazon-affiliated space-exploration firm Blue Origin. After 15 successful unmanned space flights, Bezos will be aboard the company’s first manned mission to space.

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It’s good to be in the flight suit, Bezos said in a video from a two-day “astronaut” training session.

Bezos will be flying with his brother Mark, an aerospace pioneer Wally Funk and Dutch teenager Oliver Daemen. 

Bezos was effectively upstaged by Richard Branson, who reached space nine days before Bezos in a Virgin mission. Bezos wished Bransen a “successful and safe flight” ahead of the launch.

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