Jen Psaki: Kids Should Be Taught that America is Racist

The debate over critical race theory in America’s public schools has reached a fever pitch in recent months, and the latest Democratic comments will only add fuel to that fire.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki sparked controversy Friday for her comments on systemic racism, a main component of critical race theory.

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“The president believes in our history there were many dark moments and there is not just slavery and racism in our history,” Psaki said. “There’s systemic racism that’s still impacting society today, and he believes… as I believe as a parent of children, that kids should learn about our history. So, as a spouse of an educator and some who continues to believe that children should learn not just the good, but also the challenging in our history and that’s part of what we’re talking about, even as it’s become politically charged.”

Psaki’s comments came in response to a question about one of the nation’s leading teachers unions endorsing critical race theory, a school of thought that teaches that America has been fundamentally based on racism from its founding right up until present day.

The National Education Association voted in their conference earlier this month to “result in increasing the implementation of culturally responsive education, critical race theory, and ethnic (Native people, Asian, Black, Latin(o/a/x), Middle Eastern, North African, and Pacific Islander) Studies curriculum in pre- K-12 and higher education.”

Parents around the country have risen up to protest this being taught in schools but have received major pushback.

In fact, some parents had their children expelled from school because of their opposition to the doctrine.

“I feel like it is unfortunate that when you are speaking out and you are trying to say your truth, unfortunately, there are people who want to retaliate against you. In this case, they retaliated against our children, who are innocent,” one such parent, Andrea Gross, told “Fox & Friends First.”

She added that, “we tried, in the best way possible, to represent and speak up not only for our children but also our teachers. At a private school, they did not have a union. I believe a lot of it is coming from The National Association of Independent Schools.”

The battle continues, and it remains unclear who will win in the end.

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