John McAfee ‘Did Not Kill Himself’ Says His Wife: Don’t Trust MSM

Antivirus software creator John McAfee was found dead in June of “suspected suicide” in a Spanish prison cell just days after the courts approved his extradition to the United States to face charges for tax evasion. But Janice McAfee does not believe that McAfee killed himself.

Janice McAfee tweeted on Tuesday that:

“John was a fighter and he had so much more fight left in him.

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“He told me to be strong and not to worry, we would continue to fight all necessary appeals.

“His last words to me were I love you, I will call you in the evening but sadly that call never happened.

“The story of John’s ‘suicide’ was already prepared and presented to the public before I or his attorneys were even notified of his death.”

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