Judge Permits Review Of Some Georgia Ballots

As controversy continues surrounding the 2020 presidential election, a judge has allowed some review of ballots from last year to be reviewed.

Superior Court Judge Brian Amero dismissed many claims of the plaintiffs challenging ballots, but he did allow for more review of absentee ballots from a previous order.


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Now, time will tell what that review finds.

The ruling comes the same week the state’s attorney general ruled that 102,000 voters would be taken of voter rolls unless they renewed their registration.

“They had us losing by a very small number of votes, many times less than the 101,789 figure,” former president Donald Trump said in response. “This means we won the Presidential Election in Georgia.”

Opponents of the president have been outspoken against him in these ballot reviews.

“Last year, I told President Trump and others who push the Big Lie to ‘put up or shut up,’” Fulton County Board of Commissioners Chairman Robb Pitts told the AP. “It’s been six months and still no proof of wrongdoing has been produced. Enough is enough — this whole circus must end.”

This ruling is the latest development across several states still dealing with the aftermath of the controversial 2020 presidential election.

To help address some of these concerns, states around the country have acted to shore up voting laws.

In response to this effort, Democrats tried to pass a voting bill of their own that would greatly expand the power of the federal government, violate state sovereignty and give Democrats a major advantage in future elections.

That effort failed when Republicans filibustered.

“I rise today to celebrate a win for the country. Today, the United States rightly failed to advance the ‘Corrupt Politicians Act,’ meaning that this bill will not come to the Senate floor for a final vote,” Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, said on the Senate floor. “This is a huge win for the citizens of the United States. This is a huge win for democracy, and it’s a huge win for the integrity of our elections. The ‘Corrupt Politicians Act’ is the most dangerous legislation we’ve considered in the Senate in the nine years I’ve served in this body. It’s an attempt by Senate Democrats at a brazen power grab. It’s an attempt by Democrats to federalize elections and to ensure that Democrats won’t lose control for the next 100 years. This bill isn’t about protecting the right to vote. It’s precisely the opposite. It’s about taking away the right to vote from the citizens and giving it instead to the corrupt politicians in Washington who want to stay in power.”



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