Kamala Harris’ Job Just Got Harder As Biden Ends ‘Remain in Mexico’ Policy, Blasts ‘Systemic Racism’

Vice President Kamala Harris has been tasked with handling immigration issues south of the southern U.S. border, but her job just got a lot more difficult.

President Joe Biden announced the end of the “Remain in Mexico” immigration policy, a Trump-era federal policy that required asylum-seekers to wait in Mexico for approval. Now they will be allowed to come into the country and wait for approval, which can take years.

With deportations plummeting under Biden and advocates pushing Biden to bring deported immigrants back into the country, it’s unlikely that many of these asylum-seekers will ever be forced to leave if they don’t qualify.

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Meanwhile, Harris has spent 70 days as head of these immigration challenges without a news conference, even as data from Customs and Border Patrol shows a huge spike in illegal immigrants since Biden took office.

“In order to stop the illegal immigration crisis, we must keep the Trump policies that worked,” said Mike Pompeo, former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency under Trump. “Asylum seekers at our southern border should stay in Mexico until their hearing date. The decision to end that policy will exacerbate the crisis at our border.”

The White House released a statement honoring the contribution of immigrants the same day as the announcement, which most conservatives would likely agree with.

“Across each generation throughout our history, wave after wave of immigrants have enriched our Nation and made us better, stronger, more innovative, and more prosperous. The American story includes the story of courageous families who ventured here — be it centuries ago, or just this year — from every part of the world to seek new possibilities and help to forge our Nation,” the statement reads. “In every era, immigrant innovators, workers, entrepreneurs, and community leaders have fortified and defended us, fed us and cared for us, advanced the limits of our thinking, and broken new ground.”

But of course, the statement couldn’t end without a mention of “systemic racism.”

“The promise of our Nation is that every American has a fair shot and an equal chance to get ahead, yet systemic racism and persistent barriers have denied this promise to far too many immigrants throughout our history and today,” the statement reads. “I have placed equity at the center of my Administration’s agenda. From day one, I promised that my Administration would reflect the full diversity of our Nation — and today, nearly one-third of my Administration’s 1,500 political appointees are naturalized U.S. citizens or children of immigrants.”

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