Kevin McCarthy: Taliban Have More Blackhawk Helicopters than Australia

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy slammed President Biden warning the policy on Afghanistan will likely lead to “another Syria” in the Middle East.

“We stand just roughly two weeks before the 20th anniversary of 9/11. We are now less safe,” said McCarthy on Fox News on Monday. “The Taliban has more Black Hawk helicopters than Australia. We have weaponized them. We have lost over the horizon as the state — Defense Department talks about because we lost a military base that gave us the ability see things into Russia, China, Pakistan and others. We’ve watched China take the situation into Taiwan. We’ve watched Russia when it comes to the Baltics or eastern Europe, their ability to push further. This is not just what’s going to happen next week. It is putting Americans in harm’s way for decades. And now we have a president who also opened up our border. And this is a border that earlier this year that we have caught numerous people already on the terrorist watchlist.”

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