Kristi Noem: Leadership has Consequences, New Yorkers Deserve Better Governor

“What is amazing to me is how differently the media has treated Governor Andrew Cuomo compared to Brett Kavanaugh over and over,” said South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem during an interview with Judge Jeanine on Saturday. “Now, we’ve heard these women tell their stories against Governor Cuomo. And I think that the media not covering it until several of them came forward was shameful.”

Kristi was reacting to a recent report from “The Wall Street Journal” about a two more woman, a former aides to Andrew Cuomo, have indicated that they too, were victimized and sexually harassed by Cuomo.

‘Resign You Disgusting Monster’: Two More Aides Accuse Cuomo

“And it just is exactly what has happened throughout this pandemic,” continued Kristi. “They treated him very differently than they treated governors such as myself that made different choices than Governor Cuomo did. I did not shut my state down. I didn’t pass any mandates. I didn’t issue shelter in place orders. Governor Cuomo did all of those and more damage to his people and to his economy, and they held him up as the hero. So I think this is really what we need to make sure that people understand is that the American people deserve better. They not only deserve better leaders, they deserve better governors than Governor Cuomo. They also deserve better media and the truth and people that are actually reporters now rather than political operatives.”

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Judge Jeanine asked Kristi if Andrew Cuomo should take himself out of office?

“This has obviously been something that’s repeated over and over in his life and in his actions,” responded Kristi. “[Cuomo] tried to cover up his actions throughout the covid pandemic. He tried to cover up the damage done by what he happened in nursing homes, the deaths that happened there. And now it appears as though he’s tried to cover up what has happened with these young women in his life as well. So we need to get to the bottom of it. We need the facts. But this kind of leadership is extremely detrimental to the promise of this country. And that’s the one thing we’ve seen from state to state across this country this year, is that leadership has consequences. And unfortunately, these women and that state of New York are suffering under his leadership.


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